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Private Lessons - All ages Welcome!

We offer private one-on-one instruction on piano, guitar, violin, drums, voice/singing, bass, saxophone, mandolin, keyboard, ukulele , viola, and more. Tuition is based on the rate of $120 per month for weekly 30 minute lessons.

Don't know where to start? Step 1: Schedule a free music assessment to get tips and advice by our studio's director that will put you or your child on the path that would serve them best. Step 2: Download a free copy of The Parent's Guide to Music Lessons for Kids.

With private instruction, students receive personal attention from an experienced instructor. We teach children and adults, so students of any age are welcome to register for lessons.

Our students take advantage of workshops, yearly recitals, flexible schedule options, & a menu of classes.  

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Group Classes

Group classes allow for a social interaction and application of the skills learned. Tuition rates for group classes can vary so check with us for more information about the classes that you are most interested in. Click here to contact our staff for more information.


rockband2 Rock Band
They’ve worked hard practicing and now it’s time to put it to use!  Students join a band and learn to work as a team as they rehearse & write songs together.  This class applies skills learned in private lessons and showcases how those skills function in a real life application.  These kids don't just learn about bands…they are in the band!

Rock Band (ages 9 -17)
Prerequisite: 6 months private lessons
Kids Rock Band (ages 5-9)
Prerequisite: No experience needed

Keyboard Kids

The students use keyboards linked to computer software to assist in their weekly lessons.  Subject covered include rhythm, reading, ear training, and composition.  This class is a great complement to piano lessons but because subjects covered apply to all instruments this is also a great class to assist students interested in any instrument.  
Keyboard Kids
Keyboard Kids I (ages 5-9)
Prerequisite: None

Keyboard Kids II (ages 5-9)
Prerequisite: Keyboard Kids I or 6 months lessons experience




Free Music Assessment

When most parents decide to sign their child up for music lessons, they do a quick Google search and try to filter out options based on location and price. However, they often forget that the goal is for their child to have fun and succeed at an instrument.  The problem is that though parents may feel they have done their research in choosing a teacher, in reality they just tossed a dart and hope for the best. 
With a free Key Music Assessment we can test your child for basic music aptitude and reveal their musical strengths and weaknesses before they even register for lessons.  This is important because armed with this knowledge we can offer tips on the best path for your child to maximize their potential and even tell you what instrument choices fit their natural skills. 
Key Music Assessments are free to ages 4 & up and their is no obligation to register for lessons.  The assessment takes about 30 minutes and is fun as the child will try different instruments and play some games.
To schedule your child for a free music assessment click here to introduce yourself.
Guitar Ensemble
If one guitar sounds cool then imagine an ensemble!  Students perform a wide variety of guitar ensemble literature ranging from pop artists such as Radiohead to Jazz standards.
Guitar Ensemble
Prerequisite:  6 months of lessons experience

woodwindInstrument Rental Program
As an affiliate of the New School of Music we offer school band instrument rentals and maintenance.  Approval if quick and simple.
We are also a drop off and pick location for any repair of an NSM rental.
Call (678)770-5150 to schedule an appointment for rental approval or repair.


Act Out Kids is a drama/acting class that teaches the acting techniques used by today’s biggest stars.  The class covers pantomime, improvisation, character building and more.  The students will use the skills learned as they work toward a final performance.
Act Out Kids (ages 5-18)
Prerequisite: no experience needed
Want to see pictures of past performnces?  See us on Facebook

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Act Out Kids
Act Out Kids is an acting class for kids 5 & up.  Students learn the techniques used by professional actors as they work as a team to develop characters, rehearse lines, and prepare for a performance. This weekly class not only teaches the craft of acting but teaches the skills that make successful adults.  Our students learn about body language, articulation, problem solving, goal setting, teamwork, and so much more. Learn how you can register your child for a free acting class by clicking here to contact our studio.



Key Music Center will work with your school, day care, church, or organization to develop and implement an arts program.  

We can help you with

·    Developing and staffing music, dance, and drama classes
·    Workshops and clubs
·    Assemblies
·    All for a fraction of the cost of most performing arts budgets.

Our staff will help you decide what path would be best for meeting the needs of your students or members. We will take you from conception to implementation and even provide an instructor for the class.

S.T.A.R. (Success Through Active Roleplay)
Success in the classroom, personal life, and in the business world all require the same skill set.  S.T.A.R. is a program that teaches: Effective Communication, Articulation, Conversation & Discussion, Handling Objections or Resolving Conflict, and Listening Skills.

Objectives of S.T.A.R.

·    Defining the communication process and its functions.
·    Discuss the factors affecting the communication process
·    Applying effective communication skills including verbal, body language, listening, and dealing with objections.
·    Defining the basic principles of communication.

For a more information on how we can help you, contact our office at (678)770-5150
Rock Band

Music Therapy

 Music Therapy helps those with special needs enrich their lives by using musical experiences to achieve measurable treatment goals and objectives.   music therapy and lessons for special needs

We offer the best musical experience to all people including those with Autism and special needs.  Our special needs staff are Board Certified Music Therapists with additional training in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Music Therapy (NICU-MT).

Accessories & Rentals

Need strings, picks, sticks, or a tuner? We carry accessories and instructional books for your instrument.

Renting before you buy is a great way to test the waters before committing to the purchase of an instrument.  We rent guitars, violins, keyboards and school band instruments.

Instrument Repair
Key Music Center has a professional tech that will repair most problems you might be having with your instrument.         

For a more information on how we can help you, contact our office at (678)770-5150

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When you mention drama for kids most parents think of the 2nd grade play at the local elementary school. This class is far from that.  Our drama program teaches kids the skills needed to grow into a confident, articulate and creative adults. Students learn to express their ideas and communicate as their self confidence grows.

During their lessons, kids work together as a team while never feeling like they are competing with each other for the spotlight.  Our actors develop the self confidence, sense of team work, and creativity.
Pictures from past shows are available on the Key Music Center Facebook Page

Visit our sister site at to learn more about acting classes.

Act Out Kids (ages 5years - teen)
Prerequisite: none
Materials: none
Schedule: Sat 4:30-5:30pm
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stage moms guide 3d
General Music (Preschool Music Program)
Key Music's Kids is an inovative preschool music program that sets younger students on a path of musicianship.  Basic fundamentals are presented in a fun and exciting way that encourages kids to be a participant in music rather than just a passive listener.
Students will have the opprotunity to play various instruments with a focus on piano.
Key Music’s Kids (ages 3-5)
Prerequisite: None
Materials: activity book
Schedule: Monday 11:30am-12:00pm
Space is limited and registarion is 1st come 1st serve.
click here to contact us for questions or to register.
Our students have fun!  We want your or your child to enjoy their music lessons.  For those that love music but don't know how to get started we offer a free evaluation.  Just call to speak to a lesson coordinator who will gladly offer free and professional advice about the path that would yield the best results for you or your child. Click here to leave your contact information or dial (678)770-5150

Instruments offered:
Voice / Singing
and more
All music teachers are professional musicians and experienced teaching all ages
Group classes are designed to offer student an opportunity to apply their skills, meet new people, and be part of a team.  Click one of our group classes below for more information.

Keyboard Kids

General Music (Preschool Music Program)

Guitar Ensemble

String & Woodwind Ensemble


Private Lessons are one-on-one with the teacher and the student. Tution is based on the rate of $120/month for weekly 30 munite lessons with no registration fees. Group class rates vary and discounts are available for those that take a private lesson and a group class.

Group Classes are a great way to interact with other musicians and apply your skills. Most group classes meet weekly for one-hour.  Contact us for a full list of classes by clicking here.

Registering is easy. Save a trip and click here to fill out a simple form and a lesson coordinator will answer all your questions and help you get you started over the phone.