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Too Young For Guitar Lessons?

Here is a topic that is very close to my heart.  Not only have I have made my living teaching guitar to students of all ages for the past 20 years, but I am the father of three small children.

Who wouldn’t want to learn the guitar?  It doesn’t take long to realize that guitar players get most of the glory and are often the coolest people in the room.  You don’t have to be a fan of Guns N Roses to know the name Slash but how many people can tell you the name of their drummer?

Yes, you can go on YouTube and see videos of preschoolers that would make Eddie Van Halen question his own achievements, but these kids are prodigies and your kid more than likely is not.

Don’t feel bad though. Most great and successful musicians were not child prodigies either.  They just practiced and worked at it.  So, back to the question at hand; at what age is a child ready for guitar lessons?

I have taught thousands of guitar lessons over the years, and from my experience children under six have hurdles that make learning the guitar challenging.  Now before you close out this screen and decide to wait before registering your child for lessons, please read on as the answer to this question isn’t as simple as throwing out a number.

Here are 3 common problems and solutions to consider:

1. Whose idea was this anyway?  There is a difference in guitar lessons being the child’s idea versus the parent’s idea. Obviously dragging your kid to their first lesson no matter how old the child, is a sign that that things may not go well.

            Solution:Talk to your child about music. Listen to a song they like and talk about the different sounds you both hear.  Go online and watch live videos of fun child friendly artists and talk about the different parts of the performance.  Point out the guitars, drums, microphones, etc.  Don’t be pushy and don’t dominate the conversation.  Let your child talk and make observations. This will develop a curiosity and maybe motivate them to try something new.

2. Motor skills: This is the big one. Undeveloped motor skills is the top reason younger kids struggle with guitar lessons.  It's also the reason that you want a good teacher and not pick some guy with a Craigslist ad. 

           Solution: At our teaching studio, we have teaching techniques that we use to combat this.  It’s about understanding the student’s limitations and knowing how to adjust for them. Let me say it again…Get a professional teacher! 

3. The bad experience: Once a child is open to the idea of music lessons, we don’t want to put out that fire.  If the child’s first foray into music lessons is with an instrument that is too cumbersome or requires cognitive skills that are not yet developed, it could lead to the student quitting. Some will leave feeling that music is not for them.  The truth is that kids of any age can benefit from music classes, but the path they were on was not right for them.

          Solution: This is an area once again where a professional teaching studio is the way to go.  At Key Music Center we offer free evaluations of students before they register in order to offer advice for the path that would best serve them. For very young students I also recommend introducing piano into the weekly lessons as well.  There are many benefits to this. Chief among them is that it allows the student to have an “out”if the guitar doesn’t work out while leaving a great option to continue with the piano.  I have had students gravitate towards one instrument or the other but I have also have seen students fall in love with both instruments.  The important thing here is that we don’t extinguish that fire for music.

Bottom line is that you want to introduce your child to a fun and friendly environment with a teacher that can nurture their inner Beethoven. This can be done at any age. The tool may be guitar, piano, drums, or singing but more importantly it's who's teaching them.

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The first steps you take often determine your chances for success

Right now you're searching the internet for music lessons. Most people make the mistake of randomly picking a studio based on a few basic details and then find themselves frustrated a few months later. This often leaves the student feeling like they are just not musical or cut out to play an instrument.  The truth is that they made some very common mistakes in the beggining that if avoided could have lead them to years of enjoyment playing an instrument.

Music lessons aren't a one size fits all box that everybody fits into. Each student has their own learning style and needs that determine the path that would best work for them. This is why Key Music Center offers a free evaluation to anybody interested in music.

During the 20-minute session we look at the student’s motor skills, musical auditory skills, and comprehension. For those that aren't sure what instrument is right for them we offer the opportunity to try different instruments and gauge interest in various choices.

This gives us an opportunity to get to know the student so we can offer the best professional advice on the path that would best serve them. Starting off in the right direction will make the lessons more fun and help the student succeed at learning their instrument.

After the evaluation we will take the time to talk to you about your next step and answer questions about what and where to buy an instrument, how much time will you need to put into learning each week, and any other questions you have about music lessons.

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