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Q1: How often do students take lessons?

The average student takes one lesson per week.

Q2: What is a good age to start children with music lessons?

It depends on the instrument and the motor skills of the student.  Piano makes a great 1st instrument.  Most children are ready by the age of 5.

 For children under 5 we recommend our S.T.A.R. program or KindermusikClick here for more information about classes.


Q3: Do I need to purchase an instrument before taking my first lesson?

We can work with a student who does not have their instrument by their 1st lesson.  Our staff will offer advice on the purchase of an instrument.  We also offer rentals on some instruments.  Click here for more info on instrument rentals.

Q4: Can I sit in on my child's lessons?

Our classroom doors are glass.  This allows parents to look in. However if parents prefer to sit in, they are welcome provided it doesn’t become a distraction for the child.

Q5: Am I too old to start music lessons?

Many of our students are adults and seniors.  We encourage students of all ages enjoy music.

Q6: What makes Key Music Center different?

We offer a unique blend of traditional teaching methods with modern techniques.  Our curriculum is designed to be fun and inspiring.  With a menu of classes, recitals, and workshops to choose from, students can have a complete musical experience.

Q7: Do I have to learn how to read music if I take music lessons?

We encourage all of our students to explore all aspects of playing an instrument, however our lessons plans are customized for each student’s goals, personality, and learning style.

Q8: What is my next step?  How do I get started?

Click here to leave your contact information or call (678)770-5150 to speak to a lesson coordinator who can answer all your questions, give you advice, or register you for lessons.





Q9: What is Act Out Kids?

Act Out Kids is a very exciting program designed by Key Music Center to teach students acting techniques used by professional actors.  Students meet weekly and work toward a performance with their peers.


Q10: Why should my child take ACT OUT Kids?

When you mention drama for kids most parents think of the 2nd grade play at the local elementary school. This class is far from that.  Our drama program teaches kids the skills needed to grow into a confident, articulate and creative adult. Students learn to express their ideas and communicate as their self confidence strengthens.


Q11: How does the program work?

During their weekly classes, students participate in acting exercises. They learn to work together as a team while never feeling like they are competing with each other for the spotlight. Our main focus is developing the self confidence, sense of team work, creativity, and articulation that’s not just acting skills but people skills.


Q12: When are your classes offered?

Each week students meet for 1 hour. The program runs throughout the year and new classes are forming now. Call (678) 770-5150 for more information and a class schedule.


Q13: What ages do you teach?

We accept students 5-18 years old.  We welcome all skill levels from absolute beginners to young actors with experience.


Q14: Will I get to see my child in a performance?

Yes! We have yearly performances.  In addition to the yearly performance, the kids perform short performances for parents showcasing what they have been learning or rehearsing in class. This helps them build self confidence and let’s them demonstrate to you what they have been working so hard on.


Q15: What if I have a shy child?

Children are often shy because they lack the self-confidence and communication skills needed to overcome their shyness. Drama class is designed to build communication skills including: verbal skills, body language, projection, and articulation. These skills boost children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Our teaching studio offers a friendly environment. Students are taught to express themselves without fear of being teased as well as support fellow classmates.


Q16: Are your classes appropriate for my spirited child?

If you have a child with a lot of energy or is very outspoken then drama is a great outlet for them to focus and use that energy. Spirited children love drama Kids because it allows them to use their natural creativity and enthusiasm. Many parents find that spirited children are difficult to manage. Drama helps kids learn to focus and take direction while not squelching their spirit.


Q17: How do I register my child?

Space is limited in each class. Click here to register or call (678)770-5150. You can also visit to get more information about the acting class and acting workshops.

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About Key Music

With more than 100,000 lessons taught, Key Music Center continues to be the first choice in music lessons among students of all ages. More about Key Music Center


When you mention drama for kids most parents think of the 2nd grade play at the local elementary school. This class is far from that.  Our drama program teaches kids the skills needed to grow into a confident, articulate and creative adults. Students learn to express their ideas and communicate as their self confidence grows.

During their lessons, kids work together as a team while never feeling like they are competing with each other for the spotlight.  Our actors develop the self confidence, sense of team work, and creativity.
Pictures from past shows are available on the Key Music Center Facebook Page

Visit our sister site at to learn more about acting classes.

Act Out Kids (ages 5years - teen)
Prerequisite: none
Materials: none
Schedule: Sat 4:30-5:30pm
click here to contact our studio for more information.
stage moms guide 3d
General Music (Preschool Music Program)
Key Music's Kids is an inovative preschool music program that sets younger students on a path of musicianship.  Basic fundamentals are presented in a fun and exciting way that encourages kids to be a participant in music rather than just a passive listener.
Students will have the opprotunity to play various instruments with a focus on piano.
Key Music’s Kids (ages 3-5)
Prerequisite: None
Materials: activity book
Schedule: Monday 11:30am-12:00pm
Space is limited and registarion is 1st come 1st serve.
click here to contact us for questions or to register.
Our students have fun!  We want your or your child to enjoy their music lessons.  For those that love music but don't know how to get started we offer a free evaluation.  Just call to speak to a lesson coordinator who will gladly offer free and professional advice about the path that would yield the best results for you or your child. Click here to leave your contact information or dial (678)770-5150

Instruments offered:
Voice / Singing
and more
All music teachers are professional musicians and experienced teaching all ages
Group classes are designed to offer student an opportunity to apply their skills, meet new people, and be part of a team.  Click one of our group classes below for more information.

Keyboard Kids

General Music (Preschool Music Program)

Guitar Ensemble

String & Woodwind Ensemble


Private Lessons are one-on-one with the teacher and the student. Tution is based on the rate of $120/month for weekly 30 munite lessons with no registration fees. Group class rates vary and discounts are available for those that take a private lesson and a group class.

Group Classes are a great way to interact with other musicians and apply your skills. Most group classes meet weekly for one-hour.  Contact us for a full list of classes by clicking here.

Registering is easy. Save a trip and click here to fill out a simple form and a lesson coordinator will answer all your questions and help you get you started over the phone.


The first steps you take often determine your chances for success

Right now you're searching the internet for music lessons. Most people make the mistake of randomly picking a studio based on a few basic details and then find themselves frustrated a few months later. This often leaves the student feeling like they are just not musical or cut out to play an instrument.  The truth is that they made some very common mistakes in the beggining that if avoided could have lead them to years of enjoyment playing an instrument.

Music lessons aren't a one size fits all box that everybody fits into. Each student has their own learning style and needs that determine the path that would best work for them. This is why Key Music Center offers a free evaluation to anybody interested in music.

During the 20-minute session we look at the student’s motor skills, musical auditory skills, and comprehension. For those that aren't sure what instrument is right for them we offer the opportunity to try different instruments and gauge interest in various choices.

This gives us an opportunity to get to know the student so we can offer the best professional advice on the path that would best serve them. Starting off in the right direction will make the lessons more fun and help the student succeed at learning their instrument.

After the evaluation we will take the time to talk to you about your next step and answer questions about what and where to buy an instrument, how much time will you need to put into learning each week, and any other questions you have about music lessons.

To schedule a free evaluation call (678)770-5150 or fill out a simple online contact form by clicking here